The Benefits Of Choosing Permeable Pavers For The Paths On Your Farm

If you are thinking of making the paths on your farm more durable and permanent, then pavers might be an option to consider. It's often easier to put down pavers than to have asphalt or concrete put down. Also, there is a specific type of paver, called a permeable paver, that is very well suited for the job at hand. Here are some of the benefits of using permeable pavers for the paths on your farm.

They won't get slippery.

Having your pavers get slippery after a rainstorm is a risk you can't afford to take. You do not want a visitor sliding on the slippery pavement and then suing you for their medical costs. You don't want to slide down the path when you're pushing a wheelbarrow, either! Permeable pavers let the water slip down into the soil rather than pooling on top, which keeps your path from getting slippery. This is safer for everyone who lives on, works on, or visits your farm.

They'll keep water better distributed.

Puddles can be quite an inconvenience on a farm. Your horse walks through the puddle, and you get splashed. You step in a puddle, and your foot is wet for the rest of the day. With regular paved or concrete paths, you're going to have puddles, either on the path or to the side of the path. The paths are often designed with the center of the path raised a bit so that the water runs on the edge, which results in puddles on the sides. With permeable pavers, the water seeps down into the soil, so you don't get puddles on the path, and you don't get puddles to the side, either. 

You won't have to use as many de-icing agents.

De-icing agents and farms don't mix well. If you use rock salt on the paths, this is not good for animals' feet. The runoff will make it hard to grow anything on the soil. It's really hard to keep concrete or asphalt from getting icy and slick in the winter, but since permeable pavers don't allow water to pool, they don't get nearly as icy. You can usually scatter a little sand on the top of the pavers in the winter, and that's it.

Permeable pavers are definitely a top choice for anyone who wants to create paths on their farm. The lack of puddles, less-slippery surfaces, and reduced need for de-icing agents will benefit you and the facility.

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If you are thinking of making the paths on your farm more durable and permanent, then pavers might be an option to consider. It's often easier to put